Myanmar Videos

Myanmar Videos

Check out our videos made in Myanmar!

And in fact, you won't find hollywood movies or any high quality edited streams here. Respectively it is the same with our pictures indeed. And it is on purpose! Since we want to reflect some authentic impressions of Myanmar and not any photoshop visualizations! But if you are searching for those - then sit back on the couch and watch TV instead 🙂

It's about Exploration, authentic Impressions  and sharing Experience - It's about MYANMAR!

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Check out this amazing Myanmar Dance at Thingyan 2017 in Yangon!
Check out this amazing Myanmar Dance at Thingyan 2017 in Yangon!

San Marina Bay near Dawei
San Marina Bay near Dawei

Myanmar videos_backpacking_travel_burma_visit_par
Sleeping one Day in Paradise... or Longer?! Then visit Paradise Beach near Dawei.

Myanmar videos_backpacking_travel_burma_visit
Best beach in Myanmar! You can ride the scooter at Grandfather Beach!

Stage Ride with the car at Thingyan water festival
Ever done Stage Riding with the car at Thingyan water festival Yangon yet?

Myanmar videos_backpacking_travel_burma_visit_ Mt
Dive into the Sky at Mount Zwegabin near Hpa-An.

Myanmar videos_backpacking_travel_burma_visit
Car jumping and crazy water celebration an Thingyan 2017 in Yangon!

Myanmar videos_backpacking_travel_burma_visit
Circle Train in Yangon - Up to 3 hours ride like this.

Myanmar videos_backpacking_travel_burma_visit 9
"Reverse waterfall" during Sunrise at Mount Zwegabin - Above the Dust.

Myanmar videos_backpacking_travel_burma_visit 10
Myanmar's Nature! Htee Kee border crossing - A typical myanmar road.

Myanmar videos_backpackng_travel_burma_visit 11
Thingyan Water Festival 2017 - Cars wanna get wet in Yangon!

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Ever taken a boat into a mountain? Then visit Sadden Cave near Hpa-An.

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