Myanmar Visa and eVisa

Most nationalities need a visa to enter Myanmar. Additionally there exist special state restrictions for border crossing for which you need a special permit. Do not enter Myanmar without accordance to national travel regulations! Otherwise you might be fined with penalties.

Tourist Visa can be bought at the embassy of Myanmar, eg in Bangkok (Thailand) for round about between 1600 - 2290 THB for 28 days with single entry. Attention: You can overstay your visa and pay 3 USD for each day when leaving the country!

Since 11th August 2014 Myanmar runs the so named 'Myanmar eVisa beta test' which means you can apply electronically for an online tourist eVisa, which costs around 50 USD. Be careful with your choice since there are limitations depending on your mode of entry. For more information see below. 

If you are travelling around in South East Asia you will find numerous visa offers by travel agencies. However, they are much more expensive. So be careful! And not giving your passport or ID away to any person instead of embassy's employees might be a good idea 😉

What do you need to prepare in advance before going to the embassy? Nothing - just your passport and money for the visa fee, pictures and a copy of your passport (no bookings of flights, buses or hotels needed in advance).

Myanmar eVisa

Getting the Myanmar eVisa online is a good way if you're not travelling through Southeast Asia for a longer time or do not want to step by the embassy in your home country or in Bangkok. The Myanmar eVisa programm exists since August 2014. However, there are limitations on entering the country by land crossing borders.

Starting from 01/09/2016 eVisa can be used to enter Myanmar from the following three land border checkpoints, between Myanmar and Thailand:

- Tachileik
- Myawaddy 
- Kawthaung

If you're tourist or backpacker and want to fly into Myanmar or use one of those three entry points an eVisa is a good alternative to visiting the embassy of Myanmar, since it's less time consuming. 

After paying the visa fee online you normally receive the confirmation in between 24 hrs by email, including an invitation letter as an attachement. Print out that letter and show it together with your passport when entering Myanmar at the airport or one of the three border crossing points. Be aware that the document says that you have to proof that you are leaving the country again when entering (eg by flight out of Myanmar). Several travelers however experienced, that there is none needed. Experience shows that it's always depending on the situation if a proof is needed or not in order to be able to enter a country.

If you are sceptical of the online application it's recommended to go to the embassy. 

Getting your Myanmar Visa at the Embassy in Bangkok

Beside the electronical way of getting a Myanmar Visa it is very popular to go to the embassy in Bangkok. Mostly backpackers and travellers making their way through Southeast Asia for a longer time prefer that option, since it's quite uncomplicated, a little cheaper than the eVisa, however more time consuming. Additionally there are more options for border crossing into Myanmar by land, eg. through the Htee Kee - Phunamron border crossing point at the height of Dawei and Bangkok. Furthermore when visiting an embassy you can make sure that your chosen way of entry works by asking staff in place. Make sure you arrive in the morning time when the embassy is open (see below) and consider the traffic in Bangkok.

The embassy is located in Si Lom area near Sathorn station. You can reach it easily by taxi for around 60 THB from Hualamphong train station depending on traffic. Make sure to ask for the taxometer before jumping into the taxi and avoid taking one of the highway bridges, since this can double the price quickly. Tuk Tuk's are generally more expensive in Bangkok and you have to discuss about the price before riding. However, you might be lucky getting a Tuk Tuk for the same price if you're a good negotiator.


Once you have entered the embassy, the following procedure starts:

1. Get application form from counter 4 (it's a little table directly at the entrance).

2. Fill-in form, paste one photo, attach another poto and a copy of your passport. Both are available from the employee at the entrance who is printing 8 express photos for 100 THB and can copy your passport for 3 THB. The pictures are taken inside the office and you can keep the rest 6 photos you don't need for the application.

3. Tourist visa applicants must fill in work history on the reverse side of the application.

4. Submit complete application at counter 1-3 as your number appears on the screen and is accoustically announced. Normally two of 3 counters are open. If your number is passed already, since filling the application took some more time, just ask the employee for a new number. The waiting could take like 20-30 minutes if that happens. But there is plenty of seats and free water available. 🙂

At the counter you have to select one of the following three options:

- 1600 THB for collecting the visa 2 days later

- 2150 THB (1600 THB + 550 THB) for collecting it 1 day later 

- 2290 THB (1600 THB + 690 THB) for collecting it on the same day.

You pay immediately and leave your passport at the embassy.

Then you come back on the day according to your selection and the time (between 15:30 and 16:30) which is printed on your receipt and receive your passport back. Keep the receipt in case you are asked for at the immigration later.

This is all. Your visa is generally valid for 3 months starting from the day of application and allows you to stay in Myanmar up to 28 days starting from the day of entrance.

Additional note: If your purpose is a business trip, provides information for business visa on arrival for entering Myanmar by plane through Yangon International Airport.

Adress of the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok:

132 S Sathorn Rd, Khwaeng Toei Nuea, Krung Thep Nakhon 10120

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday

09:00 - 12:00: Visa Application

15:30 - 16:30: Visa Collection

The embassy is closed on public holidays of Myanmar and Thailand.

The official links for further information concerning a Myanmar Visa are:

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