Myanmar Tourism - 2015

Myanmar tourism has exploded in the last years. However, it's still only a little of tourism compared to its neighbouring country Thailand, or also Laos,  Cambodia or Vietnam. The numbers of 2015 show the tourism of this country in numbers.

When meeting travelers around in South East Asia you will hear one sentence quite often: Go soon! Myanmar will be like Thailand in a few years...

Indeed the tourism is increasing. And it is arguable how tourism changes a country and a culture in a good or bad way...


We will see how the tourism in Myanmar will develop in fact. And we will keep you updated looking forward to the next year's statistics 🙂

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All information and pictures on this page are taken from the Myanmar Tourism Statistics 2015 published by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (

Tourism Areas

Travellers should be aware that there are numerous areas in Myanmar which are dangerous to visit due to conflicts. Therefore the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has published these two maps showing the development of accessible areas.

There are ways to visit some few of the restricted areas, but only by guided tours and pretty expensive.

Map of Previously Restricted Areas


Current Map of Restricted Areas


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