Myanmar Border Crossing by land

Myanmar has borders to Laos, China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. Due to restrictions most travellers, backpackers and tourists enter Myanmar by land through one of the following crossing points from Thailand:

- Tachilek (Shan-State) – Mae Sai (Northern Thailand)

- Kaw Thoung (Thantharyi) – Ranong (Southern Thailand)

- Myawady (Kayin) – Mae Sot (Thailand)

- Hteekhee (Thantharyi) – Phunaron (Thailand)

The Myanmar border crossing by land is the cheapest but most time consuming way to enter the country. It is easy to find bus offers and tourist trips in nearly every bigger city in Thailand.

The following border points are closed for tourists and just open for trading purpose:

Muse (Shan-State) – Ruili (China)

Tamu (Chin-State) – Morei (India) (possible by special permit for around 150 USD)

Actually there are just four Myanmar border crossing points by land:

Htee-Kee - Phunaron

This land border crossing is open since autumn 2016 only. It's an adventure...

See how to get there!

Tachilek – Mae Sai

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Myawady – Mae Sot

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Kaw Thoung – Ranong

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  1. I just done two borders. The Ranong kawthaung, fairly easy, and the htee kee border to kanchanaburi. Yes! An adventure! Lots of off roaring. Definitely need a four wheel drive.!!

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