Myanmar Nature - A Story of Diversity and an Amazing Countryside

Myanmar has a total area of nearly 700.000 square meter. Once you enter the country's border you can recognize an impressive and sudden change of the environment already and grip the huge diversity of Myanmar's countryside.

Impressive mountains and several mountain ranges top across the country, such as the Hengduan Mountains forming the border to China with its highest point of nearly 5900 meter.

Myanmar's mountain chains divide the country into three river systems: The Irrawaddy, Salween and Sittaung Rivers. The longest river  (Irrawaddy) is more than 2000 km long.


In lower Myanmar nearly half of the country is covered by forest, in central Myanmar (The Dry Zone) there's rarely vegetation and the country along the coast has mangroves and offers a large variety of tropical fruits.



The total coastline is nearly 2000 km long, consisting of beautiful beaches. Indeed, there are still numerous undiscovered islands along Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. However, they are not open for tourism since  are still under military control.

However, tourists can visit a few of them for a comparatively high price. There are eg. Cook Comb Island, Western Rocky, Lampi Island, Macleod Island and Island 115 (80.000 to 110.000 Kyat per day). They all are islands of the Myeik-Archipelago.

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