Myanmar Culture - The People and their Friendliness

What makes Myanmar so special, original and authentic?


It's definitely the people living there! And their open mindedness and happiness! When walking around in the streets the people shout 'Mingalaba!', which means 'Hello!'. Everywhere little children wave with their hands and people stare at you in many places when you walk or drive by. Especially outside the bigger cities you can experience the Myanmar culture best.

Myanmar culture_backpacking_travel_burma_visit_people
Mingalaba! 🙂

Shortly you will recognize that there exist a lot of cultural influences. There are especially Indian and Chinese patterns as well as Buddhist and Muslim believe. You can find mosques, pagodas and temples everywhere. 

Besides the different national roots especially existing in the bigger cities, there is a lot to experience in little villages spread through the different states of the country. The Burmese or Myanmar culture is still diversified in several tribes living there in a very original way. They kept their own traditions: Some wear a specially coloured cotton on their heads. Some have tattoos all over their faces. Some wear an iron collar around their necks.


Myanmar culture_backpacking_travel_burma_visit_people

Myanmar culture_backpacking_travel_burma_visit_people

Myanmar culture_backpacking_travel_burma_visit_people

Those are just examples. And it is hard to grasp a feeling of the culture if you are not experiencing it by yourself. But hopefully the following pictures give you some authentic impression and an idea of the Myanmar culture. There is not much more to say but one thing:

Wherever you gonna be - It's all about happiness in Myanmar!

And if you are happy, the Myanmar people are as well...

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