Mawlamyine and Win Sein Taw Ya (the World's Biggest Declining Buddha)

Mawlaminyine is a city which is probably most known by the world's biggest declining Buddha statue nearby. The city itself is right next to a river and has some beautiful viewpoints from which you have an amazing view over the whole city.

It's definitely worth renting and scooter for a one day trip. Unfortunately it's pretty expensive - around 10.000 Kyat for the manual for the whole daytime at the Breeze hotel. Some places rent it for a cheaper price, however those places might not have open at early morning hours. So grab a motorbike Anyway - it's worth It!

And then just get on the road and explore the area:

Pa-Auk Taw Ya Monastery

There are several stops to make on the way to the declining Buddha. First of all, you can check out the Pa-Auk Taw Ya Monastery, where you can see the meditation center.

Monks and mainly locals are sitting inside the temple on the top of the mountain (only a little stairwell up, no big hike).

From there you can have a beautiful view over the area. Watch the birds and listen to the sounds of the silent Vipassana area.

Meditation at the hilltop temple

Mawlamyine: Pa-Auk Taw Ya Monastery

Shortly before arriving at the declining Buddha there is a monkey temple on the left side. From there you have a beautiful view over the area. However, for the view there is an even better place later next to the declining Buddha. The entrance to Win Sein Taw Ya is on the left side where two huge iron birds guard the gate. Enter and drive all the road passing the hundreds of monk statues until you arrive at the declining Buddha.


Win Sein Taw Ya


Scooters can be parked at the secure and watched area for 500 Kyat. The money goes directly into the construction of the second giant Buddha at the opposite side of the existing one. 

Walk up the stairs and enter Win Sein Taw Ya... Inside is an exhibition on several floors showing historical moments in the history of Myanmar. Check out the pictures in the slider show down on that page...

If you are not afraid of riding the scooter in the dark, check out a night swim at the lake near Kan Gyi Pagoda. Despite is at little further South, right behind the town Mudon, it probably is worth a little reroute before heading back to Mawlamyine...

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