Dawei is a quite little city close to the coastline in the South of Myanmar. Its on the heigh of Bangkok and the first stop when crossing the border through Htee Kee. The city is by far not as touristic as the famous Bagan, Mandalay or Yangon. However, it has an own special flair to be discovered.

Ye road is the main road going from North to south. Check out the map of the city:

Map of Dawei Downtown

The city has a more laidback part with little wooden houses and lots of children playing outside at the southern part of the city along the river. This area is differentiating a lot from the more developed northern part of town. The third bigger zone is the harbour area where a lot of business is going on everyday.

Along the city there are several temples in different styles which shows the culture differences represented in the whole country. The standing Buddha is one of the highlights in town. Everything is easily accessible by walking or biking in one day.

Dawei downtown is actually worth seeing for a half or a whole day. Much more interesting and worth a trip are the beaches around indeed! Check out the pictures and the beach map around Dawei for making plans for your stay. Maybe you want to sleep in a tent in paradise or bike with a scooter at the beach?!


Dawei Beaches

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