Dawei Beaches: Maungmakan - San María - Tizit - Grandfather Beach (Po Po Kyauk) - Paradise Beach

When you travel through Myanmar you should definitely consider a visit to Dawei. The Dawei Beaches give an impression of the beauty of Myanmar. Unexplored islands and lonely beaches with nearly no people there...

So, if you are travelling around Dawei, you should plan at least 2 days to explore the wonderful beaches and the area with a scooter.

Check out the map of Dawei Beach Beaches which explains how to get where and the location of the beaches:



The map is offered in hotels and tourist informations in downtown Dawei. The lines indicate the main streets and the numbers on the map show the approximate time for the distance by scooter.

The streets in the map are in very nice conditions. So you can easily ride witg 40-50 kmh. However, as soon as you leave the main roads the street gets bumpy and turns into dirt road. It's worth the ride anyway since you can take the scooter straight to the beach in most of the cases...

Half-Day/1-Day Trip: Maungmakan Beach, Myawyik Pagoda, San Maria Bay

If you plan a half day trip, check out the northern Dawei Beaches on the heigh of the city. You can ride a little loop from Dawei to Maungmakan, then to the Myawyil Pagoda (north of San Maria) and San Maria Bay. If you run out of time take the same way back to Dawei or pass by Kan Pa Ni, Shan Maw and head back through Launglon.

Maungmagan Beach

Myawyik Pagoda

San Maria Bay

2-Days-Trip: Tizit Beach, Grandfather Beach, Paradise Beach

The even much nicer trip is going more South. Visit Po Po Kyauk (Grandfather Beach) and Paradise Beach (Not on the picture, but on maps.me, most southern point on the map). Plan to stay overnight at Paradise Beach at least one night. Sleep close to the beach in a bungalow or a tent and relax at daytime. Take the chance to explore the area there as well and head to the most south pagoda. But make sure you book the night in advance, since Paradise Beach is booked out quite often. The tent for 2 persons including Breakfasts is 20000 Kyat.

Tizit Beach

Grandfather Beach

Paradise Beach

Touring around with the scooter

Heading towards South could include a stop at Tizit for resting and swimming during the hot afternoon hours before heading towards your sunset view. Having the map with you (you can get it everywhere in Dawei) you can plan your trip flexible and change plans individually depending on your mood and the time you spend at places you like. Don't miss the scooter ride directly at Grandfather's Beach and the many many high fives with the little kids in the city close by.

The ride on the street might get a little rough sometimes, but generally the roads are in a good condition and you can ride around 35-50 kmh most of the times. Be aware of sudden changes where the street gets sandy,  stoney and bumpy or just goes up a hill and plan some time for the trip before it's getting dark at around 7pm.

Don't forget to pack with lots of water and - in case you dont trust the streetfood - some food or snacks as well, since it's super hot, you're under the sun the whole day.

Explore the little streets and paths around the area and visit some tiny villages for experiencing the friendliness of local people greeting you everywhere.

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