It's About Sharing Experience!

Do you know this feeling after loosing a lot of time...

... by searching for the cheapest hostel or guesthouse in town?
... grasping the internet through several pages on a specific issue?
... sitting at the scooter rental half an hour getting explanations?
... having a huge language barrier at the hostel on the search for things to do?

Then our work on this website is just for you!

And when saying 'our' I basically mean 'my' work...
While I was on my travel, I met tons of people who have been or wanted to go to Myanmar.
The ones of the first group told amazing stories. The ones who wanted to go there had numerous questions, such as I had. So I decided to build this website for everyone who is interested in this beautiful country. The information on these pages should help to answer questions concerning travelling to Myanmar. But also for getting some beautiful and real impressions as well. This should save travellers and backpackers a lot of time, which it normally needs to gather all the information needed. And I just wanted to build a beautiful homepage about the country I fell in love with at first sight...

And all with real pictures, videos and stories experienced while travelling!

It's about sharing experience

It's about authentic impressions.

It's about MYANMAR...


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