Welcome to Myanmar!

Myanmar is a country with a lot of variety. Indeed, travellers can find a fascinating culture, an impressive countryside and authentic impressions. There's not as much tourism as in many other Asian countries. And that is exactly the reason why this country is getting more and more popular.

You are thinking about your next holiday?

Or are you already in the country planning your next trip?

You might be not on a travel but just interested in getting some impressions...

No matter what - you are exactly in the right place now!

 However, there's one important thing to be mentioned before you get started:

Please respect the culture and help to save it! 

Since no matter who you gonna ask... First of all, Myanmar is about its people! And only secondly about the places to see. So don't miss the chance to take a look at the culture and the people. Get to know about some habits and rules and find all information needed.

Check out some real pictures, get some insights and go on a virtual exploration!

Enjoy the probably most original country in South East Asia!


Visiting Starts with a Visa

In order to be able to enter the country you need to have a visa at first. So get your information about visa types and entry modes!

How to get the Visa?


Explore Myanmar!

Find your information about cities, destinations, prices, food, accomodations, culture, backpacking and more...

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Amazing Culture

In fact, the country is about its people!

So learn about this amazing culture and about real friendliness... Get some impressions!

Meet The People!


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